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Remove Negative Reviews from Yelp

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Remove Negative Reviews from Yelp

Removing bad Yelp reviews is something every business owner needs to take seriously. Business reviews – especially ones in a major directory like Yelp – can make all the difference to a business’ reputation.

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Remove Negative and Fake Reviews from Yelp

Bad Yelp reviews can ruin your business reputation and cost you money. We can help you remove bad Yelp reviews about your business. a negative review of an inactive business page can absolutely devastated the …

How bad Yelp reviews affect your business

Yelp averages 145 million unique visitors every month, and 82 percent of them intend to make a purchase. If those users see a wall of negative reviews, they’ll most likely choose to give their money to a competitor. What’s worse, Yelp.com complaints can also seep into your company’s search results and become even more visible. This ultimately boils down to one thing: lost revenue.

We all know how popular Yelp is among consumers.

According to DMR Business Statistics, Yelp has a total of 145 million unique monthly visitors utilizing its wealth of local business information and has a (cumulative) total of 148 million reviews on-site. And one important thing about the mammoth online directory is that it takes consumer reviews for businesses very seriously.

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Remove bad Yelp Reviews

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